Monday, September 15, 2014

Running out the clock?

So a few things have happened over the last couple of weeks.  One, our house project list has been getting some major items checked off of it.  This wasn't just a list of things that existed because we were like "OMG there's going to be a baby here" but a pre-existing list of crap that you always mean to get around to and just never manage to do.  Lost of maintenance stuff like touching up paint on baseboards, cleaning out the basement, finding better storage solutions for some stuff.  You get the general idea.  Then we added baby related things to the list, like finding a place to like....put the baby once she gets here.  As of right now the plan is to move my husband's office to the basement and use that room for a nursery.  Knowing the basement was going to become an office meant doing some additional prep work to the basement to make it office-ready as opposed to "crappy ugly carpeted room we don't do anything with".  That meant new flooring, a fresh coat of paint, touched up baseboards.  It's been a process.

During this process, the weather also changed.  We got what I thought was a cold snap, but it seems to be persisting, which makes me realize it's already fucking fall.  Where the hell did that come from?  Plus, colder weather has me going "Crap, we're almost to Halloween, which is almost Thanksgiving, which is almost Christmas and almost baby time.  I HAVE NO TIME FOR ANYTHING NOW!" which is, of course, totally irrational, but I'm a planner and now I feel like I've hit crunch time.  Now I've got this irrational stupid list of crap that I feel like has to get done ASAP to not leave me in panic mode.  At the moment I'm like:

  • Pick a name (which my husband doesn't want to do in case we change our minds at the last minute)
  • Prime nursery
  • Paint nursery
  • Paint dresser/changing table
  • Poly dresser/changing table
  • Buy a stupid crib
  • Buy some clothes, since we have like 3 outfits right now
  • Figure out a baby shower, which is more stressful than anticipated
  • Set up nursery once it's primed/painted
  • Figure out artwork for nursery
  • Finish the two quilts I've been working on
  • Move husband's office to basement so we can do things in nursery
  • Pick curtains for nursery
  • Clear out other parts of basement so that husband isn't working in a disaster zone and we can store more stupid theater stuff that we have no room for.
  • Figure out how I'm going to get my car into garage since it's filled with theater stuff we have no room for.
  • Do that whole hospital maternity ward touring thing
  • Get essential baby gear (though, I guess some of that might be covered if we figure out the shower?)
  • De-junk the guest room and other areas of the house so if there's baby item overflow it can go in the guest closet or something.
  • Figure out Christmas shopping way in advance in case I can't actually go shopping closer to Christmas due to spitting out a baby.'s not a super short list.  And it's giving me anxiety.  I know I've got time still.  Intellectually, I know that, but time seems to be going fast lately and now I'm afraid I'm going to blink and it'll be November and I'll still have nothing done.

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  1. At least two will cancel out if you have a baby shower which then produces more baby clothing.