Sunday, June 4, 2017

Late night thoughts

Today she's sweaty hair plastered against her forehead from the baby fine waves that escape her pigtails as she runs around outside, exploring ants and digging holes with a stick.  She's scraped knees, and dirty sneakers, peals of giggles and exclamations of "Come back here you silly goose!" as she chases leaves blowing in the breeze.  She's more person than baby now, and every moment is a new discovery.  She relishes in exploring the world around her, would rather be outside than in, and has taken to kissing her toys goodnight.  She has begun telling me about things she loves, from books to trampolines to flowers, there is always something she is excited to tell me about.  She is learning to socialize with other children, but often would prefer to be by herself.  She holds her small friends at a distance, preferring the safety of mommy's lap or daddy's arms to the scary idea of having to learn to befriend children her own age.  At parties, she will disappear into a corner with a book or some crayons and paper while other children argue over dolls and other playthings.  When she finds another child she enjoys time with, she will talk excitedly about her time with them for days, even when they've spent very little time interacting.  She has so many opinions, and everything has to be her idea.  There is no forcing her into something she doesn't want to do, she will be the leader in her life.  She knows her alphabet, most of her letter sounds, and her numbers up through 30.  She notices everything.  She thinks she's hilarious, and she is.  She remembers plots from her story books that she hasn't had read to her in months.  She giggles as she says "Leave the goldfish alone!", a line from one of her favorite books.  She loves cats, and usually the dog, as long as he's not trying to give her kisses.

She's a new person each day I greet her.  She's grown since yesterday.  She's learned more things since yesterday.  My yesterday girl has left me and my today girl stands before me, ready to do it all over again.  She is beautiful, and brilliant, and infuriating and endearing all at the same time.  She has a temper that is rivaled by few.  She can be affectionate in ways you'd never expect.  Her smile is so beautiful that I know some day it will get her out of whatever trouble she gets herself into.  She is light, and wonder, and fascination all wrapped up into one person.

She is one of my favorite accomplishments.

I am so grateful for her.