Monday, April 13, 2015

Then again, maybe not

This weekend we decided to venture out on our first mall trip.  My husband needed new work shoes, and I just needed to get out of the house.  We hadn't taken my daughter out to the mall yet.  She had gone to the grocery store a number of times, but those are quick 20 minute trips.  Nothing that was going to require some time investment.  So, on Saturday after my husband got out of class and she had been fed, we went to the mall.

I dressed her in an outfit some friends had purchased for us.  A onesie that looks like the body of Kermit the Frog with a hat that looks like the top of Kermit's head, paired with a pair of baby blue jeans and her awesome infant shoes that have Animal on them.  The clothing wasn't gender specific, and she's a baby so it's not like she has obviously boy or girl features at the moment, so she looked rather androgynous.  We decided we were going to take her stroller with us to push her around.  It's blue, because I like blue.  My husband looked at her and said "People are going to think she's a boy" and then we both laughed.  So, I decided to add a mustache pacifier to her ensemble just to top things off.

We still got stopped by a million people at the mall to tell us how adorable she was.  I mean, they kept saying "He is so precious" but the pronoun doesn't matter.  We literally had people stand in front of us to stop us from walking down the hall so they could look at her, and they kept remarking on how cute she was, how funny her pacifier was, how sweet she looked.  And all of this while thinking she was 100% boy.  So maybe it's not just that little girls do something to people.  Maybe it's just that my little girl does something to people.  Though, the Kermit hat probably helped.


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