Monday, March 23, 2015

Alert the media

Ok, not actually.  No one in the media cares about any of this.  I'm trying to be clever.  My husband and I were having a conversation over the weekend about our daughter and how alert she usually is.  I mean, yes, there are times when she stares over our shoulders and we have zero idea what it is that has her attention, but most of the time if she's awake, she's clearly paying attention to everything that's going on around her.  She turns to look for familiar voices when she hears them in the room, she has in-depth babble conversations with the toys that hang from her play mat, if the tv is on she will work to be able to see it because the colors catch her attention, when we hold her or play with her she is often watching very closely and reacting to what's going on.  I have tons of photos of her where she's looking right at us, and we can tell she recognizes the case on my phone when I hold it up to take photos of her.  When she's being carried around she prefers to face out where she can see people instead of inward where she misses out on things.  She has little patience for sitting and snuggling when she's awake because there's too much looking around to be done.

The thing is, I'm not sure how typical this is for a baby her age.  Every baby is different, but I've heard people say that she's weirdly alert for a 2 month old.  My husband and I started looking at other babies who have been born recently as a comparison.  We don't have a lot of contact with other kids near her age, but we have photos from Facebook of some babies who were born within a few months of her and none of them seem to be quite as alert or inquisitive looking in their photos.  We even started thinking about some babies who are just a bit older than her and she seems kind of on par with some of them, but since their older I don't know if she's advanced or they're delayed or just average.  I have no idea.  But, it's kind of nice to have her already so inquisitive and curious looking even though she's still tiny, because it gives me hope that she'll continue to be like this well into adolescence.  I want her to be curious and observant.  I want her to pay attention to things around her and learn from them.  I'm glad this is already a bit of who she is.  I hope it carries into adolescence.


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