Sunday, March 8, 2015

Babies do weird shit

Sometimes baby behavior doesn't really make sense.  Babies get tired, and then they get over tired, and when they get over tired they refuse to sleep.  What?!  You want to sleep, because you're tired, but you can't sleep because you're tired?  Babies are weird.  For my daughter, falling asleep is like falling off of a cliff.  She fights really hard to stay away from the edge of the cliff.  She fights and fights to not fall over the edge, and then.....she falls.  She falls off the cliff and is immediately asleep to the point where moving her or placing her somewhere else doesn't wake her up anymore.  But, while she's nearing that cliff, she fights like hell.  It's sort of annoying, but then she goes from fussing to sleeping in a split second, you find it hard not to be amused by the immediate change.

She also has a habit of pooping while she's eating.  It's like her favorite time to poop.  She'll be hanging out, drinking her bottle, slurping away and then she'll turn totally red faced and start grunting away, content to fill her diaper while she's having dinner.  Why?  I have no idea.  I don't know if meal times are just so relaxing that it just seems like a perfect opportunity or whatever, but she never seems to fail to do it.

I hope some day I can tell her boyfriend all about how she likes to poop while eating.


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